Standards Impact

Getting Personal About Protection

Episode Summary

Brian Shiels and Dave Walsh discuss the critical work being done at ASTM to ensure the quality and safety of PPE.

Episode Notes

Brian Shiels, the Senior PPE Engineer at ArcWear and a long-standing member of many standards development organizations joins this episode of Standards Impact, the Official Podcast of ASTM International. Brian is also the current Vice-Chair of ASTM’S Personal Protective Equipment Committee (F23) and he joins host Dave Walsh to talk all about the critical work being done to ensure the quality of PPE, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Then later, JP Ervin discusses the important work being done by ASTM’s amusement rides and devices committee who are dedicated to bettering the amusement ride industry.  So press play and get ready for another exciting inside look into the world of standards.

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